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Recently added free courses

Getting to Know Your Brain

Everyday neuroscience for curious people

10 Lessons by Daily Bits Of

Taking the Fear Out of Public Speaking

Practical tips and tactics aimed at overcoming your fear of public speaking

15 Lessons by Evan Leepson, MBA

Your Learning Brain

Nothing but the facts on how the brain works when you're learning.

9 Lessons by Daily Bits Of

The Psychology of Pricing

A practical guide to using behavioral science for good

22 Lessons by Irrational Labs

A Primer on Sustainable Cities

How innovation is helping cities lead the way to sustainability

9 Lessons by Daily Bits Of

Growth by Design

Good design helps small businesses to grow.

12 Lessons by Leo Almeida

A Primer on Artificial Intelligence

What to do if and when the robots are stealing your job

10 Lessons by Daily Bits Of

The Art of Keynoting

How to Go From a Decent Speaker to a Great One

14 Lessons by Alf Rehn

The Art of Listening

Learn the Secrets of Effective Listening

11 Lessons by Evan Leepson, MBA

Stock Selection Criteria

Hands on advice for picking stocks

11 Lessons by Jalpan Dave

Blogging Made Easy

The ten fundamental rules of successful blogging

10 Lessons by Ryan Biddulph

TalkPower Inc. for Exceptional Communication an...

An original mind-body approach that works, where the usual tips and advice do...

11 Lessons by Natalie H. Rogers

Preventing Marketing Paralysis

A self-help guide to successful marketing

10 Lessons by Evan Leepson, MBA

Running a tight inbox

How to handle and over-flooding mailbox

14 Lessons by Christopher Papastefanou

When Mark Twain Had a Cold - 7 Myths about the ...

It's good to know the myths, but also know what to do instead.

7 Lessons by Daily Bits Of

How to start investing

A step by step guide on why investing is crucial for financial well being and...

6 Lessons by Jalpan Dave

Recently added premium courses


Speak Your Mind

Learn to speak in front of others - and even like it

15 Lessons by Roos Tegnér


Company culture - it’s not ingrained in the walls

Psychological tools that help you articulate and spread your company culture

15 Lessons by Sara Ingvarsson


Craft Your Job to Suit You Better

Job crafting: the secret to being engaged at work

11 Lessons by Daily Bits Of


Thinking right & wrong

Make better use of your brain

15 Lessons by Jens Bäckbom


DIY Creativity Camp

Exercises to help you flex your creativity muscle and be creative on demand.

14 Lessons by Daily Bits Of


Increase Your Productivity at Work

Accomplish more at your workplace in less time

15 Lessons by Jalpan Dave


Become incredibly strong

Learn how to stop being weak

16 Lessons by Tobias Sjösten


Service Design Thinking

A new way of thinking about designing services

16 Lessons by Jonas Hjalmar Blom


Responsibility syndrome

When being responsible turns dysfunctional

16 Lessons by Daily Bits Of


Fighting and Accepting Boredom

Psychological arguments for and against boredom

16 Lessons by Daily Bits Of


What Secure People Know

The guide to self-compassion and being friends with yourself

15 Lessons by Daily Bits Of


Discover What’s Important In Life

The psychology of finding meaning, creating space and accepting natural stress

17 Lessons by Fredrik, Daniel & Björn


Two Weeks to Better Baby Sleep

Helping your baby (and you!) sleep again

15 Lessons by Courtney Landin


Uncovering Grit

What happens when passion and perseverance come together

15 Lessons by Daily Bits Of


How to invest and grow a retirement account

Overcome fear and confusion and start investing in the stock market safely fo...

15 Lessons by Jalpan Dave


Getting Rid of (Unhealthy) Perfectionism

How to spot, define and cure perfectionism

15 Lessons by Daily Bits Of

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