About Daily Bits Of

Daily Bits Of is a service for people who love learning. People whose curiosity never ends, who see gaining knowledge as an ongoing process and who believe they can acquire any skill they might need to handle work and life’s challenges.

We know that finding time for learning can be difficult. We buy books that pile up, save articles that remain unread and rarely have time for that online course we’ve been longing to take. This is why we created Daily Bits Of as a tool to help people create a daily habit of learning something new.

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Aiming to become the first truly diverse tech-company

To be honest, we’re far from reaching this goal, but maybe you are the kind of person who could help us become more diverse? Here’s the kind of team you would be joining:

Our team consists of journalists, teachers, psychologists, developers and designers. What we have in common, besides our interest in working and playing hard, is our passion for learning.

One thing you must know about Daily Bits Of is that we love to learn, whether it’s for pleasure, for work or to broaden our worldview. We’ve created this service so that everyone, including ourselves, can find room for learning something every day. At the risk of using a startup cliche, we really believe in the power of learning. Or as Thomas Piketty, the author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century, puts it:

“Over a long period of time, the main force in favor of greater equality has been the diffusion of knowledge and skills.”

Our vision

All the world’s knowledge available to everyone

We’re here to make it possible for everyone to learn something new and to work on their personal development on a daily basis. We’re looking for colleagues who are interested in using technology to organize and package knowledge into learning for millions of people.

Our conviction

Message as the primary interface

We have nothing against apps, they are just not for us. Your ability to learn shouldn't be restricted by your wallet or by your technical know-how. That’s why we’re a message-first company.

Our team

Excellence through trust

We’re building a high-performing team of smart and kind people. Working with us means you will get a lot of feedback and that we expect you to contribute to all aspects of the company. Also, we’re a team, not a place to feed your ego. This means we ride together, we die (not literally) together.

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Our process is totally anonymous.

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