Alabama students deliver water to Jackson amid crisis


Alabama students deliver water to Jackson amid crisis

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – An Alabama youth group traveled four and a half hours on Saturday to bring bottled water to Jacksonians.

Teenagers with the Z Factor Leadership Program in Sheffield, Alabama woke up early to bring 13,000 pounds of bottled water to those in need in Jackson.

The program is made up of students at Sheffield junior and high schools. Each year, the students participate in a service program. When they learned about the water crisis in Jackson, they said they knew they had to help.

“It breaks our heart because it shows that anybody can be in this predicament. Even though you may be up right now, life can change just in just a moment. We want the kids to think from that mindset. Even though you have right now, you can even be in a position where you don’t have,” said Stephen Gill, pastor of Florence Boulevard Church of Christ.

“This is pretty important. Today was my birthday. I shall come out here and give water and bless people. Spread the gospel,” said Kegan Clark, a participating student.

“Helping someone else is very important. I feel like coming out here to Jackson is a blessing for a lot of people,” said Dewayne Hudson, another participating student.

“People may be less fortunate than us, so we should always give,” said Conner Clark, a participating student.

Water was being taken to people living near Grace Christian Church on Grand Avenue. Water can still be picked up at the church.

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