Appcake: Check Here the Complete Guide for Setup


How to Setup AppCake:

Launch Safari on your Apple iPhone or iPad
Click the download link atop this page.
You will receive the installation prompt for AppCake. Tap Install to continue.

Input your passcode if prompted.
On the device’s home screen, tap the AppCake icon. Commence using it.

How to Rely on AppCake:

Navigate to Profiles and Devices Management in the Settings application.

Select the AppCake Enterprise profile.

Tap Trust on the profile page for AppCake.

Utilizing AppCake:

Launch the AppCake app from the home screen of your device.

To sign an IPA file, download the desired IPA file to your iPhone using Safari and then send it to the AppCake application.


The IPA file will then be signed and made available for download.

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How to Add AppCake Repo:

Installing AppCake on an iPhone with Cydia requires jailbreaking and adding a repository. Install a jailbreak using the provided link if you haven’t already, and then continue with the steps below.

Launch Cydia on your iOS device
Click Sources at the bottom of the display.

Tap Edit > Add and enter the following URL:
Tap Add then exit Cydia to install the repository.

Tap the Search option in Cydia, type in AppCake, and then tap the result.
After tapping Install, the icon will appear on your home screen.

Note: The jailbroken version of AppCake will require a Cydia tweak in order to run. The tweak is known as AppSync Unified and can be downloaded from Cydia. It enables the simple installation of unsigned or artificially-signed IPA packages on your device.

AppCake Features:

AppCake provides a number of helpful features, including:

A large database of unofficial, free, and ad-free iPhone and iPad apps and games.
Installation is simple with Enterprise Developers Profile
User-friendly and straightforward interface
Torrent allows for quicker downloads.

How to Uninstall AppCake:

Access the Settings app
Navigate to Profiles, select the AppCake profile, and then tap the Delete app button.
This also allows you to remove the AppCake icon from the home screen

Tap and hold the AppCake icon until it begins to move.
Tap the “X” on the icon when it begins to wiggle to uninstall AppCake.

How to Uninstall AppCake on Cydia:

Launch Cydia and navigate to the Package Management area.
You will see all the installed Cydia applications; locate AppCake and tap it.
Cydia opens the app’s home page; taps Modify.


There are three alternatives
, Reinstall, Remove, and Edit – select Remove.
Tap Confirm to proceed with the uninstallation.

Check your apps list once more to confirm that it has been removed.
Alternatively, you can use the PrefDelete Cydia tweak, which must first be downloaded from Cydia. It simplifies the removal of Cydia applications and tweaks, requiring far fewer steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Exactly Is AppCake?

AppCake is an alternative app store that enables users to install their own.ipa files of web-downloaded apps and games, as well as install.deb files. When you open it, you will notice that it is designed similarly to the official app store.

AppCake is one of the oldest alternatives to the Apple AppStore, and its database is packed with apps and games, including third-party apps. Examine the infographic provided below.

Is AppCake Safe to Use?

AppCake is indeed Safe. Apple will not be able to track your activity without your Apple ID, and it will have no negative impact on your device, the iOS system, or anything else you run on your device.

Does AppCake Installation Void the Warranty?

No, AppCake has no ability to void your warranty. It is downloaded in the same manner as any other appstore app, and unlike jailbreaking, it does not require root access to iOS. This indicates that it does not expose your device to malware and does not interfere with iOS security controls.

In addition, depending on how you download it, you may need your Apple ID, which provides an additional layer of security since Apple will verify that the app is safe to use. If you find that you need to or wish to delete it for any reason, you can do so easily.

How to Repair AppCake Installation Failed

This error typically occurs if the AppSync tweak has not been installed on your jailbroken iPhone and you attempt to run AppCake. AppSync unified must be downloaded and installed from Cydia.

How Can I Obtain AppCake Without Jailbreaking?

The AppCake app can now be downloaded without jailbreaking an iOS device. Simply download and install the configuration profile from the links on this page.

How to Install the AppCake Apk?

AppCake is not available for the Android operating system. Consequently, you are unable to download the AppCake APK on your Android device. If you desire Android.apk files, you may download the HappyMod app.

Does AppCake work on iOS 14?

Yes, the AppCake app is compatible with Apple’s iOS 14 firmware. You can download it directly to your iPhone without jailbreaking your device. Use the installation guide provided above.

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