Brittany Ferries Launches ‘Cruise-Ferry’ From Ireland To Bilbao, Spain

Brittany Ferries launches the Salamanca cruise-ferry
Brittany Ferries launches the Salamanca cruise-ferry
Brittany Ferries launches the Salamanca cruise-ferry [Image @brittanyferries/Instagram]

With climate change affecting most countries, the travel industry is gradually introducing more carbon-friendly modes of transport. Whether it’s luxury trains or cruise ships, changes are being made to potentially avoid air travel. The latest addition is Brittany Ferries’ new “cruise-ferry” that will transport travelers from Ireland to Spain in comfort. In fact, it will offer a twice-weekly sail. Read on to find out more about the new “cruise-ferry” from the green hills of Ireland to sunny Spain.

Brittany Ferries introduces the Salamanca ‘cruise-ferry’

Brittany Ferries
Brittany Ferries [Image @brittanyferries/Instagram]

Soon travelers will have twice-weekly access to Brittany Ferries’ new cruise-ferry, the Salamanca. Meanwhile, the ship will take up to 1,000 travelers from the southeast tip of Rosslare all the way to Bilbao in Spain.

Meanwhile onboard, passengers will find pet-friendly cabins for their four-legged members of the family. In fact, the ferry will accept foot passengers, cars and dogs, as well as bikes for that cycling adventure in Spain.  Moreover, boutique shops will be there for tempting purchases on the way, along with delicious tapas to get in the mood for Spanish cuisine.

How long does the journey from Ireland to Spain take?

Pet-friendly cabin
Pet-friendly cabin [Image @brittanyferries/Instagram]

The 214.5-meter (704-feet) ship will offer the direct route from Rosslare to Bilbao twice weekly, departing on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Meanwhile, the crossings will take from 29 to 30 hours, giving passengers the opportunity to spend the night onboard in pet-friendly cabins.

How much does the ferry cost?

The price for a one-way ticket for two passengers and a car will apparently cost from €232 (US$238). However, this ticket would involve reclining in the car for the night.  However, the ticket price with a cabin reportedly starts from €342 (US$350) each way. Other options are for passengers to book a seat starting at €12 (US$12.3) each way, or a bed in a four-berth cabin that costs from €135 (US$138) each way.

According to Brittany Ferries, there are 343 cabins in total, 22 of which have been specially designed for passengers traveling with their pet dogs. Moreover, there is an extra charge for pet-friendly cabins.

Onboard facilities on the cruise-ferry

To look at the facilities onboard the cruise-ferry in more detail, the Salamanca, named after the historic Spanish city, has a main bar inspired by that city’s central square. Meanwhile, the Azul and Taberna de Tapas restaurants onboard will serve Spanish cuisine. For families, the ship also features playrooms for the kids, besides shopping boutiques and an exclusive lounge. Moreover, a play area is available with interactive digital games and a sun deck with sports equipment.

Helping the environment

According to Brittany Ferries, Salamanca is their greenest ship yet, with its design built around efficiency and lowering emissions. In fact, the company is proud to be operating the first LNG-powered ferry to connect the UK and Europe.

Arrival in Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao [Image by David Vives from Pixabay]

At the end of the journey, the cruise-ferry will arrive in the northern Spanish city of Bilbao. Famed for its iconic Guggenheim Museum and delicious Basque cuisine, Bilbao is worthy of a vacation in itself. However, travelers can visit other cities in Spain either with their own car or using Spain’s excellent train services and other public transport.

Readers can find out more information on Brittany Ferries’ official website here.

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