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Looking to find what’s important in life? Feel like too much stress is taking over your life right now? In this collection, you’ll find our best courses that help people live a better life in which they do more of what they really enjoy.

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    Responsibility syndrome

    When being responsible turns dysfunctional

    Do you feel like you are always the project manager, the one who takes on more responsibility than others at home, at work and in your free time?  Are you constantly frustrated that no one sees the work you put in to get things done and help out others? Are you often stressed and tired?

    If so, your ability to take on responsibility may have become a problem – you suffer from what we in this course will call “responsibility syndrome”, or a dysfunctional and exaggerated sense of responsibility. Over the upcoming 15 lessons, we will have a closer look at why you so often become “the responsible one”. You will receive suggestions about how to break out of destructive behavioral patterns and some help and encouragement to dare to change.

    This course is aimed at anyone who has had enough of their own tendency to be overly responsible and feels that they need to get better at letting go. 

    Welcome to freedom, and welcome to irresponsibility!



    One important aspect of responsibility syndrome is that you may belong to a group that has been assigned more responsibility by your surroundings and existing social structures. Thus, talking about “responsibility syndrome” can be a bit misleading, since we then blame the individual. The question of how to deal with social structures that, for example, provide men and women with different opportunities in life is much too large for the scope of this course. If you still feel like you have some room to maneuver, this course will work anyway. 

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    What Secure People Know

    The guide to self-compassion and being friends with yourself

    Do you know someone who always seems to land on their feet no matter what happens? Someone who seems calm and secure even when facing love problems, rejection or stressful times at work?

    Perhaps this person enjoys a high-level of self-compassion. 

    Self-compassion is about treating yourself with kindness and understanding through small and big setbacks in life. Psychologically speaking, it’s about creating a safe space within, so that you can comfort yourself when faced with failure.

    We are often better at comforting and supporting others than we are at taking care of ourselves. That's why the inner dialogue of a person with high ambitions can be quite critical, even when what we could really use is support and a pat on the back. 

    So, what does your own inner voice sound like when you’re dealing with hardships? Is it kind and encouraging, or is it more like a high school bully? 

    If you know that you are too hard on yourself, take this course and learn how to take better care of yourself while increasing your own resilience.  You also will learn about why you might have a tendency to deal with setbacks by criticizing yourself (and how you can learn to comfort yourself instead).

    Lastly, you will learn about the four behavioral systems that evolved in prehistoric times and still govern how we feel and behave. 

    Chances are you will become more aware of how you treat yourself starting from the very first lesson. After 15 days, we hope that you will have learned what you need to do in order to become a more secure person. 

    This course is designed for those who have always been a little too self-critical. Perhaps others view you as a positive and considerate person – just not when it comes to yourself.


    Said about the course:

    "I enjoyed Brené Browns talk on self-compassion but I find this course to be so much more applicable. I can honestly say that each lesson is an eye-opener and I must admit that some lessons made me shed a tear or two"

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    Two Weeks to Better Baby Sleep

    Helping your baby (and you!) sleep again

    Are you a tired parent and wonder why your baby doesn’t sleep for long stretches of time? Or are you rocking your baby to sleep only to have them wake right back up once you put them down? I bet you are tired, frustrated, and ready for a solution, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get started with sleeping through the night again.

    Helping your baby sleep is a process and throughout this course you will learn the most important parts of baby sleep. During the next 15 days you will learn about emotional regulation, stress for a baby, awake windows, building the right bedtime routine, correct room environment, and so much more. There isn’t one magical solution to help your baby sleep but this course will take away your confusion and make the solutions much more clear. The even better part, besides getting more sleep of course, is that you’ll gain knowledge to help your baby throughout their whole childhood and give them an amazing gift of being able to have healthy sleep habits for life.

    Sign up now to get started with more restful nights!

    Here's to happy sleep!



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    The Art of Listening

    Learn the Secrets of Effective Listening

    Do you know how to listen? This is probably the easiest thing in the world to say and the most difficult thing in the world to do. What is listening? How do you listen? What do you do that gets in the way of listening to someone? What are some techniques to enhance your listening skills? 

    In The Art of Listening, you’ll learn some effective listening skills you can immediately use to enhance your relationships. As you go through this course your listening skills will be tested. You’ll learn a five-step listening process and go back 1,900 years and learn what the sages say about listening. 

     Ready to listen?

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    The Fundamentals of Learning: Finding Focus

    How to learn faster, better and more efficient

    If you want to become a better learner, the first thing you have to start training is your focus. 

    Why is that? Because memory has a limited capacity and attention determines what will be encoded in it. 

    Without being fully present during the memory encoding stage of learning, we can’t process the information mindfully, and therefore can’t encode it for long-term storage. To put it more bluntly, we’ll never be able to learn something we’re not paying attention to.  

    The topics of focus and attention have been studied by psychologists since the 1860s, and some argue even longer than that. We’ve delved into recent research to bring you the bite-sized version of the most recent findings, and how they can help you become a better learner.

    Together, we’ll uncover the research-backed answers to some of the most interesting questions about learning: 

    • How long should you try to pay attention for?

    • Are there different types of attention?

    • Should you handwrite your notes or type them?

    • Does multitasking improve learning? 

    Is there an optimal emotional stage for learning, and how can you manage your emotions to help you focus better? 

    Let’s get to it! 


    Said about the course:

    "I work 6-10 hours per day in front of my computer and I have a huuuge problem with multitasking. This course gave me tools to really focus on what I'm supposed to focus on and I got some cool insights about learning, memory, and productivity at the same time!"

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    Feeding Your Kids

    Turn picky eaters into fans of real food

    Feeding Your Kids is a course that helps you make small changes over time that add up to a big result. Encourage your children to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime! Every parent wants healthy children and nutritious meals, and yet we all find it hard to succeed. 

    The Feeding Your Kids course is written from a parent’s perspective, addressing the real-life complications that make parents struggle with feeding. 
    Is this course for me? 

    •  “I’m interested in learning how to feed my children healthier.” 

    •  “I want to teach my children to learn to like healthy food on their own.” 

    •  “I need to know more about which food really IS healthy.” 

    If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, this course can help!

    We've helped more than 16,000 families in over 125 countries around the world.

    Sign up and get the course for free delivered straight to your inbox. 

    Header image by Carissa Gan.

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    The Art of Self Care

    How to take care of yourself while caring For others

    As more and more individuals are responsible for the care and well-being of their aging parents or spouses, self-care is a mandatory aspect of this role you have taken on.

    As is stated in all airplane emergency instructions, should oxygen be required in flight, and you are traveling with a dependent, place the oxygen mask over your face first. 

    This course is about learning how to ensure that you know how to take care of yourself, and how to make self care a priority in your life.

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    Hacking Your Happiness

    Defy nature and discover renewable happiness with new information and actionable materials.

    You weren't hardwired to be happy.

    Instead, Evolutionary Social Psychology proves that we have been hardwired to adapt to things in our environment quickly to avoid over-analysis.

    What does this mean, exactly?

    It means that no matter how much you might be chasing happiness on the hedonic treadmill, chances are you're not going to find it that way. The things that you can bring into your life won’t have any effect on your long term happiness.

    What’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to lifetime happiness?

    Find out from this free 6-day course based on psychological research.

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    Everyday Ways to Stress Less

    Simple methods to reduce stress and live better

    A goal of nearly all my clients is to be less stressed. Do you fall into that group? Do you feel if you were just less stressed, you’d be able to reach your goals - personally and professionally? Would you be a better you with less stress? 

    While a little stress can help us self-motivate and achieve things we aim for, the chronic stress we face in the world today is both draining and unhealthy. But knowing we need to be less stressed isn’t what you need. You need to know how to be less stressed.

    This course breaks down 8 things you can do each day to lower your stress, along with actionable steps to get started today and start living your ideal life!

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    How to be kinder to yourself

    Many of us have quite a critical attitude toward ourselves. Some of us might even address ourselves with a harsh, demanding voice inside, constantly reminding ourselves that we’re never good enough. Or telling ourselves "Now, pull yourself together!”.

    These are the words we’d never ever say to anyone else, not even to our worst enemy. Are you one of us? Do you ever listen to the voice inside or to how it makes you feel? Self-criticism, researchers have found, can be as stressful as being criticized by someone else.

    By practicing self-compassion, you can calm yourself down and cultivate a far more sustainable sense of well-being than the thrive for self-esteem. It does even make you perform better than motivating yourself with your inner critic.

    The number of scientific papers on self-compassion has increased exponentially since 2003, when the research was initiated by professor Kristin Neff at the University of Texas. And since Kristin Neff and psychologist Christopher Germer established the program Mindful Self-compassion in 2010, it has spread all over the world. Starting this year, you can become a self-compassion teacher not only in English but in German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

    In this e-mail course, you will meet these pioneers as a bonus along the way. Swedish author and journalist Agneta Lagercrantz, who has created the Daily Bits of Self-compassion, has interviewed them all: psychology professor Kristin Neff, psychologist and mindfulness instructor Christopher Germer, meditation teacher Tara Brach, MSC- (Mindful Self-compassion) teachers Christine Braehler, Michelle Becker and Steven Hackman. The course is based on Agneta Lagercrantz’s book Self-compassion (in Swedish) and her public talks on the subject.

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    The Perfect Conversation

    Learn the art of sparkling conversations in 10 simple steps

    ***Over 5000 users are learning about the science of people from Vanessa's courses. It's easy to join them!***

    Conversations are like sports.

    Just like in any sport, you have to hone your conversational muscles if you want to be good at them. You train for difficult topics. You re-play miscommunications in your head.

    And just like elite athletes, you need a conversational game plan.

    The art and science of sparkling conversations is one of our most requested topics at the Science of People. So a few months ago, I decided to do a bit of research on the topic to write this course for you.

    How can you engage in effective and memorable conversations with anyone you meet?

    I will show you that there is both an art and a science to effective communication.

    I have broken down the structure of a conversation into 10 steps that will take your average interactions and make them awesome ones.

    I’m Vanessa Van Edwards, and my goal with this course is to teach you to be the most memorable person in the room, for the right reasons.

    Let’s do it!


    Said about the course:

    "So many fun, quirky and effective exercises. The ten days you spend with this course will be interesting...to say the least!"

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    Beginner mistakes when getting strong and fit

    Learn how to avoid the worst beginner mistakes

    The reasons for wanting to get strong and fit are many. Some people want to excel in their sport, some want to lead healthier and more active lives, and yet others simply want to look better naked.

    Whatever your reason is, you're bound to make mistakes along the way.

    It's so sad and frustrating to see people put in such effort, day after day, trying to reach their goals – only to fail because they lack the right tools. I don't want you be one of them!

    That's why I created this crash course. There's no reason you should repeat all the mistakes that I and hundreds of thousands before me already have.

    Join today (100% free): get one short lesson per day and learn how to become stronger and more fit over the next two weeks.

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    The Complete Guide to Effective Feedback

    Overcome the fear of speaking up and learn how to give (and ask for) feedback that counts

    Most of us like to see ourselves as empowered and direct—able to speak up and be honest about what matters to us. Yet many of us also have at least some times where we struggle to speak up or give feedback. We may censor what’s true for us - and, as a result, not get our needs met or lose trust and connection with others and ourselves.  

    What gets in the way of speaking up? We'll explore the answers to this question and how to overcome our fear step-by-step this 12-day course.

    You will find out how to speak up in a way that ensures you're heard, even in challenging situations.

    You will be equipped with the same knowledge that I teach to high-level professionals from Fortune 100 companies and to leading universities.

    The course is based on a two-day program I teach at Cornell University as part of their professional development programs. What I share is the product of two books on this skill set. I share these skills regularly with companies through training and coaching.

    So all of it is tried and tested!

    Sign up and you'll be on your way to giving effective feedback in no time.


    Said about the course:

    "The title doesn't lie, this is one helluva course. I have actually taken it twice to make sure I try all the exercises. I really believe my team can tell the difference in how I give feedback nowadays."

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    Live Your Dream

    Insights, tools and inspiration to guide you in finding and living your dream life

    Are you happy? I mean truly happy – with all things in life? Do you live your dream life? Are you with your dream partner or are you single by choice? Do you have the family you always longed for? Do you go to work every day full of joy and bliss?

    If not, then this course is for you. This course will help you visualize your dream life. It will help you see the possibilities and it will help you see what your life purpose is. Your true calling. It's never too late to continue. 

    And even if you lead a happy life there is always room for improvement and inspiration to receive. 

    The course is free and is delivered daily to your inbox for 14 days. Please enter your email address below and away you go! It is as simple as that. 

    "You create your own universe as you go along" - Winston Churchill

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