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One topic stands out here at Daily Bits Of: productivity. To us, productivity is about spending time on the things that matters, and stop doing activities that don’t. This collection consists of our most popular courses that will help you and your coworkers use you time in a smarter way.

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    Master your Memory

    Learn the fundamentals of memory improvement for a more efficient mind

    This course will give your practical, scientifically backed. advice on how you can improve your memory. The topics in this course can easily be incorporated into your daily life and can have a significant impact on your ability to remember the important pieces of information you need. Having a Ph.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience, I have spent years researching memory functions, which has given me considerable insight into different methods you can employ to enhance your memory/

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    How to Beat Procrastination

    Insights and tools from psychology that will help you get things done

    Having a hard time getting started with work that needs to get done? Do you wait until the last moment before you start working? Procrastination, or consciously postponing what should be done today, is less about personal traits than it is about behavior. In the same way that you once learned to always deal with tasks at the last moment, you can learn to act differently. With the help of psychological insights about motivation, rewards, and distractions you can increase the probability of completing your tasks - on time.

    In this course, you will receive practical tips on how to change your approach to learned behavioral patterns, as well as how to achieve your goals through a better structure, time management and problem-solving. Getting things done on time doesn’t have to be exhausting - things like coffee breaks, encouragement and friends are some pleasant ways of making your tasks easier to deal with. 

    This course is based on scientific studies by leading researchers in the fields of motivation, goal setting, and procrastination. You will be provided with exercises and principles of treatment from cognitive behavioral therapy within areas such as stress management and procrastination.

    The creator of this course, Alexander Rozental, is a licensed psychologist and a researcher at University College London.


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    "The only thing you need to read about procrastination. So many insights, so many useable tools, such a great package!"

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