Innovation and service design

Is it your job to improve the quality of a service and the experience of the people using said service? Well, then this is the collection for you. Every course in this collection comes with applicable tools ready to be tested today – regardless of your profession or industry.

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Courses in this collection:

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    Tänk som en beteendedesigner

    Vanliga tankefel och hur du undviker dem

    Forskningsfältet beteendeekonomi har sedan slutet av 60-talet kartlagt en rad så kallade tankefel – helt enkelt missbedömningar som vår hjärna gör. Med psykologerna Daniel Kahneman och Amos Tversky i spetsen har beteendeekonomer visat hur vi människor ibland tänker fel och i vilka situationer vi riskerar att råka ut för ett tankefel.

    Idag tillämpar allt fler företag den här typen av psykologi för att få oss att agera på ett visst sätt. Smart beteendedesign har sedan länge varit ett knep handeln och reklambranschen känt till, men numera används samma metoder av myndigheter i bland annat USA, Storbritannien och Danmark. 

    Med den här kursen vill vi introducera dig för 20 av de mest förekommande tankefelen, samt visa hur du kan undvika att råka ut för dem.

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    Growth by Design

    Good design helps small businesses to grow.

    There are many feelings that go on in the mind of the entrepreneur when it comes to hiring design services: How to communicate your needs in a clear way? How to find a great designer at an affordable price?

    In the mini-course, we address and find solutions to common struggles, such as communicating with your designer and picking out talent from a sea of options, such as Fiverr or 99designs. This way you can make the most of good design, and grow your business based off of that.

    A few takeaways:

    - Understand how design can help your small business to build trust and grow.

    - Identify areas in your business that needs improvements.

    - Communicate clearly your needs to a designer.

    - Find creative talents that are a great match to your project and fit your budget.

    - See hand-picked case studies showcasing how new brands, packaging, or websites helped small businesses to grow. 

    Part of the book Growth by Design.

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    How to Build Habit-Forming Products

    This is the bite-sized version of the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal. The course (as well as the book) is written for product managers, designers, marketers and startup founders. It is designed for people who want to keep users coming back to their products on their own, without expensive advertising and spammy messages.

    This course will help you build behaviors rather than just building products.

    Not sure if you need this course? Well, consider this:

    • 23,000 products are launched in the US every year, of which 80 percent will fail.

    • 92 percent of all startups fail within three years.

    • Less than one percent of apps in the App Store will be financially successful.

    Sign up using the form below to get ten bite-sized and actionable lessons on how to create habit-forming services. The lessons will be delivered every weekday for two weeks. Most lessons include inspiring cases that show how real companies use the Hook Model.

    The course is produced by the team at Daily Bits Of with the permission from Nir Eyal to use parts of his book and articles.

    Said about the course:

    "Applying psychology to product development seems to be the big thing these days but no one helps you do so better than Nir Eyal. Our entire team took this course at the same time which led to daily ideas and actions on how to improve our product"

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