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Managing is hard, but being a good leader is even harder. Leading may seem like it comes easy for some, but it’s definitely a skill you can polish. These courses will kick your leadership game into high gear.

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    The 4 Lenses of Innovation

    The power tool for creative thinking

    Have you ever wondered where big, breakthrough ideas come from? How do innovators manage to spot the opportunities for industry revolution that everyone else seems to miss? What is it that enables them to imagine radically new or different ways of doing things that will fundamentally change customer expectations and behaviors, or break long-established industry paradigms, or shift the entire basis for competitive advantage? 

    Breakthrough ideas are not generated by social systems themselves— by cities, or campuses, or networks. They come out of the heads of individuals who are connected to these communities. So to truly solve the mystery of where new ideas come from, we need to understand not just the environments that enhance our capacity to dream up and introduce new things, but also the thinking processes inside the human mind that lead innovators to their “Eureka moments.”

    This course is about the second half of the innovation equation. It’s about understanding particular patterns of thinking that unlock our ability to innovate. It’s about learning how to emulate the mind of the innovator. We’ll embark on an intellectual journey from the ancient past to the emerging future as it traces the elusive source of creative genius, and the particular thinking patterns that consistently lead innovators to their Eureka moments. It will examine what inspired great thinkers during the Renaissance era, and what inspires the most outstanding business visionaries in our own day. 


    This course is based on the book with the same name by Rowan Gibson. Rowan has introduced introduced the Four Lenses to hundreds of leading companies and tens of thousands of business people in 60 countries across the globe. Many of those companies have worked intensively with the lenses to come up with profitable new products, services, processes, strategies, and business models. Some have used this tool to produce innovations worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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    What to Do When Machines Do Everything

    How to get ahead in a world of AI, algorithms, bots, and Big Data

    You can view this course as a guidebook to succeeding in the next generation of digital economy. When systems running on Artificial Intelligence can drive our cars, diagnose medical patients, and manage our finances more effectively than humans, this raises profound questions about the future of work and how companies compete. Illustrated with real-world cases, data, and insight, the authors provide clear strategic guidance and actionable steps to help you and your organization move ahead in a world where exponentially developing new technologies are changing how value is created.

    You will read about some of the progress made by Artificial Intelligence in the past years. The second half of this course is dedicated to our AHEAD-model which gives you actionable advice on what you should do to future-proof your business.

    We wrote this course not for policy wonks and academics but rather for people in organizations large and small who are trying to make the best decisions possible for their businesses and their own jobs.

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    Managing for Happiness

    Games, tools, and practices to motivate any team

    This is a management course for everyone: developers, artists, writers, team leaders, middle managers, designers, project managers, product managers, human resource managers, marketers, testers, coaches, consultants, trainers, facilitators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Everyone is, to some degree, responsible for management activities. 

    I will show you how you can get a happier organization thanks to great practices and plenty of management activities that, in many cases, don’t even require managers.       

    In this course, I’ll offer you a collection of concrete management practices because everyone should learn how to manage the system, not the people. These are practices for all workers so that they can introduce better management, with fewer managers. These serious games and modern tools will help you change your organization’s culture, step-by-step, beginning tomorrow.

    I strongly believe management is too important to leave to the managers. Management is everyone’s job.


    No managers were harmed while writing this course.

    This course is a bite-sized adaptation of Jurgen Appelo's brilliant book Managing for Happiness.

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    Excelling as a First-time Manager

    How to create an effective learning environment

    This is a practical course aimed at first-time managers who are looking to build an effective and open team. If you are interested in courses that cite academic studies or rely solely on case-studies, this isn't the course for you. Instead, what you will get is a 100 percent practical course that focuses on actionable tools and exercises you can do with your team and with other managers. 

    The exercises will be useful in situations such as:

    • Giving and getting feedback from your team;

    • Workshops with your team or customers;

    • Ideation together with your team;

    • Meetings and learning with other managers.

    The course touches on three central aspects of management and working with a team: creating engagement, giving and receiving feedback, and cooperation.

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    Think Like a Leader

    Nine mental habits of leaders

    ***Over 6000 users are learning about the science of people from Vanessa's courses. It's easy and free to join them!***

    Leaders think differently.

    Many years ago, I had the opportunity to shadow the CEO of a major technology company for one day. That one day changed my life forever. Walking through the hallways of his company, hearing him interact on phone calls and watching him tackle projects and challenges was like nothing I had ever seen before.

    He was a human behavior hacker.

    That day was the start of my fascination with people and the hidden forces that make us tick. Since then, I have studied hundreds of leaders like him looking for patterns. In this course, I will share nine findings and give you concrete actions you can take in order to think and act like a leader.

    The course is free and it's delivered every day for two weeks straight to your inbox or to Messenger.


    Said about the course:

    "I've learned more from these ten condensed lessons than I have from many bestselling business books"

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