Rid Yourself of Daily Stress

The start of any new year is usually the most stressful period for most of us. In this collection, you will find a mix of courses that help you focus, get organized and take care of your mind and body.

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    Responsibility syndrome

    When being responsible turns dysfunctional

    Do you feel like you are always the project manager, the one who takes on more responsibility than others at home, at work and in your free time?  Are you constantly frustrated that no one sees the work you put in to get things done and help out others? Are you often stressed and tired?

    If so, your ability to take on responsibility may have become a problem – you suffer from what we in this course will call “responsibility syndrome”, or a dysfunctional and exaggerated sense of responsibility. Over the upcoming 15 lessons, we will have a closer look at why you so often become “the responsible one”. You will receive suggestions about how to break out of destructive behavioral patterns and some help and encouragement to dare to change.

    This course is aimed at anyone who has had enough of their own tendency to be overly responsible and feels that they need to get better at letting go. 

    Welcome to freedom, and welcome to irresponsibility!



    One important aspect of responsibility syndrome is that you may belong to a group that has been assigned more responsibility by your surroundings and existing social structures. Thus, talking about “responsibility syndrome” can be a bit misleading, since we then blame the individual. The question of how to deal with social structures that, for example, provide men and women with different opportunities in life is much too large for the scope of this course. If you still feel like you have some room to maneuver, this course will work anyway. 

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    Build a Daily Meditation Habit

    Reduce stress with a simple meditation habit that anyone can learn

    Too much stress in your life? Don't seem to have any healthy ways to deal with it?

    Sadly, this is true for too many of us. We all face too much stress, and then the advice around stress is either "just don't be stressed," which doesn't help, or to indulge in distractions that don't actually help us deal with stress.

    Yet there is a simple daily practice that can help us significantly decrease stress, and increase our ability to deal with stress when it comes up: meditation.

    But even with all the scientific proof of meditation working, and so many people advocating for it, there remains a simple question: how do I get started?

    In this course, John Turner, founder of QuietKit, a guided meditation platform, will help you get started with meditation, teach you how to approach it and think about it, and show you how to build meditation into a daily habit, so you can better face the challenges that life throws at you.

    Over the course of one week, just 7 days, John will show you how become a meditator.

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    Fix your posture

    Learn how to fix poor posture and increase your productivity at the office

    Poor posture can be the reason for neck, shoulder, back and even hips or lower back pain.

    Countless studies have shown that a great posture not only helps with your self-confidence and radiance, but it can also help you to be more healthy at work.

    In this course, you'll learn:

    • How we got to the point of poor posture

    • What muscles are involved in your daily posture

    • Whether sitting is the new smoking

    • How to relax the muscle, before strengthening it

    • Which muscles you specifically need to strengthen for better posture

    • How better posture can lead to higher productivity

    ...and much more!

    The course is split into 10 easily digestible emails that you will get on every week day. Every day will be a concise lesson to teach you how to improve your posture, starting with the basics. 

    Sign up now to get started right away and improve your posture!

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