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Sitting at a computer all day trying to do creative work is a surefire way to burnout. We’re recommending quality sleep, reducing stress and a daily break to recharge your mind and body. The courses in this collection will get you started on the right track to a more balanced way of working.

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Courses in this collection:

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    Negotiation for Creatives

    Negotiation Strategies for Creatives & Consultants

    As an entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer or small business owner, you are more than likely to be forced to negotiate on a monthly basis. This might include:

    • Negotiating a contract with a customer;

    • Negotiating price with a supplier;

    • Negotiating about the level of commitment between you and a business partner.

    Many people may not be aware of the multiple opportunities to negotiate on a daily basis. To some, this might sound like a hassle, and a bit scary. What this also means is that there are a lot of non-threatening situations where you can work on your negotiation skills.

    This course will teach you the basic of negotiations, the must-know tools to succeed and give you a clear action list on what you should, and should not do when negotiating. We recommend this course to anyone running their own business, but the tools from the course will help you get better deals everywhere and make it easier for you to express what you want.

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    The Science of Creativity

    Helping you and your coworkers become more creative

    The research is conclusive: creativity is a skill that everyone can learn because it's all about performing certain behaviors.

    In this course, you'll get some of the latest research findings on creativity and hands-on exercises that help you apply the science to your everyday life. You will learn how to increase your own creativity, as well as one of your co-workers. At the end of the course, you will get some tools for generating unique and useful ideas when you are in a hurry.

    This is a course for people who need to be creative at work on a weekly basis. It's also for those who wish to work more with creating ideas and who need a blueprint for creating an innovative workplace.

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    Everyday Ways to Stress Less

    Simple methods to reduce stress and live better

    A goal of nearly all my clients is to be less stressed. Do you fall into that group? Do you feel if you were just less stressed, you’d be able to reach your goals - personally and professionally? Would you be a better you with less stress? 

    While a little stress can help us self-motivate and achieve things we aim for, the chronic stress we face in the world today is both draining and unhealthy. But knowing we need to be less stressed isn’t what you need. You need to know how to be less stressed.

    This course breaks down 8 things you can do each day to lower your stress, along with actionable steps to get started today and start living your ideal life!

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