The New Office Worker’s Survival Guide

Starting your first office job? Not sure how to behave at a meeting? Getting overwhelmed by email? Here’s a collection that will help you with the essential skills regardless of where you work. Pick one or add them all to your queue.

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    The Psychological Safety of Teams

    What Google learned about effective teams

    In 2012, Google’s People Analytics team embarked on what seemed to be an impossible mission: to find out the one ingredient that highly effective teams have in common. 

    They named this quest Project Aristotle, and turned to what Google does best in order to uncover the answer - they looked at the data. What Google found was that all top performing teams had one thing in common: a high degree of psychological safety. 

    In this course, we start from that finding and dig deeper into the latest research on what makes a safe work environment and how to foster one for your team. We’ll tell you what you need to know about psychological safety, from the symptoms of an unsafe team to the impact of that safety has on the bottom line.

    Whether you’re a team manager or the member of a team, you’ll find out practical ways to make your team more effective and your time spent at work more enjoyable.


    What our users say:

    "As a manager, you rarely have time for courses or to rethink how you run your team. This content in this format was really helpful and I love the fact that it focuses on ONE aspect instead of a handful."

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    Email for a reason

    Hands-on tips for writing email that serves its purpose

    Learn the tricks of reaching the recipient through the email noise, by straight, simple and purposeful communication.

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