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Feel like reflecting and zooming up to get a sense of the bigger picture? Here’s a collection of courses that help you get perspective on different aspects of your life. Each course takes you on a journey that makes you think, reflect and hopefully see things in a new light.

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    Predict the Unpredictable

    Forecasting and research without cognitive bias

    Human beings are prone to pay most attention to information that confirms, rather than goes against, their worldview. Because of this, most of us have a hard time predicting the future, doing non-biased research and evaluating choices in an objective way.

    If you enjoy making predictions, or you work in a field that requires research and trend analysis, this course is for you. You will learn about some common cognitive biases and get a step-by-step guide on how to think and act in order to make more informed decisions and predictions. 

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    The Art of Self Care

    How to take care of yourself while caring For others

    As more and more individuals are responsible for the care and well-being of their aging parents or spouses, self-care is a mandatory aspect of this role you have taken on.

    As is stated in all airplane emergency instructions, should oxygen be required in flight, and you are traveling with a dependent, place the oxygen mask over your face first. 

    This course is about learning how to ensure that you know how to take care of yourself, and how to make self care a priority in your life.

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    How to be kinder to yourself

    Many of us have quite a critical attitude toward ourselves. Some of us might even address ourselves with a harsh, demanding voice inside, constantly reminding ourselves that we’re never good enough. Or telling ourselves "Now, pull yourself together!”.

    These are the words we’d never ever say to anyone else, not even to our worst enemy. Are you one of us? Do you ever listen to the voice inside or to how it makes you feel? Self-criticism, researchers have found, can be as stressful as being criticized by someone else.

    By practicing self-compassion, you can calm yourself down and cultivate a far more sustainable sense of well-being than the thrive for self-esteem. It does even make you perform better than motivating yourself with your inner critic.

    The number of scientific papers on self-compassion has increased exponentially since 2003, when the research was initiated by professor Kristin Neff at the University of Texas. And since Kristin Neff and psychologist Christopher Germer established the program Mindful Self-compassion in 2010, it has spread all over the world. Starting this year, you can become a self-compassion teacher not only in English but in German, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

    In this e-mail course, you will meet these pioneers as a bonus along the way. Swedish author and journalist Agneta Lagercrantz, who has created the Daily Bits of Self-compassion, has interviewed them all: psychology professor Kristin Neff, psychologist and mindfulness instructor Christopher Germer, meditation teacher Tara Brach, MSC- (Mindful Self-compassion) teachers Christine Braehler, Michelle Becker and Steven Hackman. The course is based on Agneta Lagercrantz’s book Self-compassion (in Swedish) and her public talks on the subject.

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    Live Your Dream

    Insights, tools and inspiration to guide you in finding and living your dream life

    Are you happy? I mean truly happy – with all things in life? Do you live your dream life? Are you with your dream partner or are you single by choice? Do you have the family you always longed for? Do you go to work every day full of joy and bliss?

    If not, then this course is for you. This course will help you visualize your dream life. It will help you see the possibilities and it will help you see what your life purpose is. Your true calling. It's never too late to continue. 

    And even if you lead a happy life there is always room for improvement and inspiration to receive. 

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    "You create your own universe as you go along" - Winston Churchill

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