Say you have a product or a service, that would be just great for people out there this Christmas, (or any other occasion for that matter), and just need to get the word out. Well shouting from the rooftops can only carry your voice so far, but here’s an idea for you. 

In just a few minutes you can do great wonders to your visibility on Google. The technique is called Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO and here is how to say hello to new customers in two simple steps.

Start with optimizing key elements on your website, meaning both structure and content. There are a lot of different things you can do to improve your visibility online, but if you only have five minutes to spare: Start with your Title and Meta description. 

The Title is the name you give your webpage, just as you would name a Word-document. The Title should be a brief description of the page. It’s one of the clearest signals telling Google what your page is about, and will show as header in the search result and on your webpage browser tab (and not on your actual webpage). Many companies name their homepage, ”homepage” or ”start” or even ”index” but this is a mistake. Because then you’re telling Google that your page is about ”homepage”. Nobody is really searching to buy ”homepage” or ”start” or ”index”. So make sure your title is named something descriptive and relevant for the page to attract customers.   

To continue with the five minutes SEO you should also focus on your Meta Descriptions. This is a little bit longer description of your webpage and it’s placed in the webpage source code as the name suggests. Try and capture what your webpage is all about, and why people should visit your website and purchase your products. The Meta description is not visible on your webpage but it will be shown as your description, under your title on Google’s search result page. So really put some effort in to this as it will improve your visibility and increase the amount of visitors your website attract. 

For more exiting SEO-hacks on how you can tip tap toe your way to the top of Google’s search result, you should definitely sign up to our course on DailyBitsof.com. By the way it’s in Swedish “11 steg till att lyckas på Google”.

Happy holidays from Michael Wahlgren at Pineberry