Tradition is a very popular thing this time of year. Christmas not typically the time for experimenting and doing things in new ways. Rather, we make a point out of doing what we always have done and hope that it makes for a magical holiday. 

We sometimes do this even if we’ve had a lifetime of awful family Christmas dinners with fighting siblings, drunk uncles and way too much candy. We still keep doing what we’ve always done, and hope that this year, things will be different.

Many people use the same approach in their dating lives. They might have years of bad dating experiences behind them, but still keep doing what they have always done – even if it’s obviously not working – and hope that on this date, things will be different.

Well, I’m going to have to be Captain Obvious here, but if you keep doing what you’ve always done, chances are you’re gonna keep getting the same results. It goes for Christmas as well as dating. If you want new things to happen in your love life you have to start doing things in a different way – and most importantly – understand what works, and what doesn’t. 

This is exactly what I teach you in my course Happy Dating - Positive Psychology For Your Love Life.

Happy Holidays!

Linnea Molander