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Christmas is getting closer and Santa is planning his route to be able to meet as many as possible. Imagine that he arrives to your home with a huge sack of gifts. He is very social and takes his time to enjoy the food and drinks that you offer. After a while Santa looks at his watch, excuses himself, saying that he is running late. He grabs his sack and head off. Didn’t he forget anything… 

This is exactly what happens in business meetings on a regular basis. Too much time is spent in conversations that could be very nice, but all of a sudden people have to leave for other meetings etc. Without a proper closure you will probably spend the next meeting trying to remember what you really decided last time and who should have done what but still hasn´t done it.

You already know that you need an agenda and objectives for an effective meeting (even though most meetings lack it). You also need to plan the details for the whole meeting and keep track of time. You need time for a closure so that everyone knows what’s been decided, who’s going to do what and when. It may seem obvious but at the same over 40 percentages consider it to be unclear what’s been decided in meetings in general (according to Meeting Quality Index). You need to have a plan on how to end every meeting and what to do if people start to walk away early.

How do you usually end your meetings and what could be improved? Think of one specific thing that you want to do. It could be to end all your meetings in a positive tone even if you have had a lively discussion that you had to end in order to finish on time. Or it could be that you decide to end your weekly group meetings with a summation including that everyone has to agree on what they will do until your next meeting.

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