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Here's a lesson that will be useful when making your new years resolution.

Reaching your goals isn’t rocket science. 

Okay, I admit it; It’s not easy. However, anyone who put their mind into it can do it. It basically comes down to the ability to answer three powerful questions.

Are you ready?


You will now have to answer three important key questions that will guide you toward your success. I learned them from Brian Tracy, and they serve as a compass toward my big hairy goals.

I call these the Three Golden Questions:

Question 1: Do you know what you want?
The answer should be yes. It should be your big hairy goal.

Question 2: Do you know what you need to sacrifice in order to achieve it?
The answer should also be yes.  It should be all your smaller goals you mapped out.

Question 3: Are you willing to do the necessary sacrifice in order to get what you want?
So, what you see is what you have to sacrifice in order to achieve what you want. Why do I use the word sacrifice?

Because reaching your goals and being a successful person requires sacrifice. For every time you say yes to perform an activity (for yourself or others), you automatically eliminates other activities that you rather could be doing.

The more successful you become, the more opportunities you will get, and it is even more important to know which road you should take.

Sacrifice might be a scary word but it’s the hard truth. No one can reach an important goal without sacrificing something. So, look back at the huge goals you set for yourself, then at the smaller ones leading to it. 

Today’s task
Write down at least three things you will have to sacrifice in order to reach that goal. Could be small stuff like “I will miss Game of Thrones” or more important stuff like “I won’t have time to hang out with my friends on a weekly basis”.

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Tor Refsland