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15 Strategies to Learn a Foreign Language

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May 25, 2015

In this course, we will go beyond the common advice of using flashcards and spaced repetition. We will delve into the types of mindset that it takes to learn a foreign language. We will also learn how to apply the latest research in motivation and behavior to language learning.

While it is great if you equip yourself for successful learning straight from the beginning, the assumption of this course is that you're already at a level where "learning how to learn" will bring you the most benefits. That's anywhere from pre-intermediate, to intermediate to upper-intermediate. That is anywhere from A2 to C1 on the Common European Framework for Languages.

Every morning, Tuesday through Saturday (because nobody likes emails on a Monday), you will receive an email on how to make progress in your foreign language learning. The message will be short and to the point, followed by an action step and links to further resources.

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My name is Mickey Gast. I have been a language teacher all my life. I've taught English as a Foreign Language for eight years, in corporate and classroom settings. I specialized in teaching adult learners because I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when I see my students apply what they learned to their day to day life. I can't remember a point in my life when I wasn't learning or teaching a foreign language. I'm here to help you learn. I'm honored to do that. 

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