In the previous Daily Bit, we talked about focusing on what spikes your energy levels. Next, we’re going to talk about strength-based learning and discovering what you’re good at.

Don’t obsess over what you’re doing wrong, but pay close attention to what you’re doing right.  

Capitalize on your qualities to transition from a state of simply “chugging along” at a problem, to feeling energized and empowered in your interactions with the foreign language. This does not mean that you are not aware of your weak spots. It simply means that you purposefully build on your strengths.

Action step: In your language journal, reflect on these questions:

1). What am I doing well? How can I do more of that?

2). What am I good at? How can I incorporate more of my skills into my learning activities?

3). What is a good learning session? How can I have more of those?

Further reading: What is Strengths-Based Education by Edward Anderson