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October 03, 2014

Evernote* is a free note taking software that currently attracts over 100 million users worldwide. Given the fact that you look at this description now, chances are that you are new to the green little elephant. In a nutshell, Evernote helps you to create, collect, organize and find your notes (yes, even handwritten ones and text in images!). Whether this is an interesting article on the web, a scan of a document or a todo list - all the data is stored in one single place, your Evernote account in the cloud. It’s like having a second brain and workspace, accessible from anywhere. Handy, isn’t it? Why don’t you check out a video to get started?

Fantastic, you made it down to this section! This is the first step towards greater productivity in your life. Since this software is very open and can be used in many ways, one needs to find a strategy how to suit Evernote with your workflow. Don’t worry, as always, we start with tiny bits and from the beginning. This free course is delivered straight to your inbox for a duration of 20 days and contains 20 powerful tips to become a master of Evernote. If you are not familiar with the software, you can join too - the first lesson will be to set up your account and install the software.

If you are already an advanced Evernote users, maybe have a look at the other courses I've created.
*Evernote is a registered trademark of Evernote Corporation. Evernote has not sponsored, nor endorsed this project in any terms.

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