Of course it is nice when food looks pretty - after all you eat with your eyes. I think these little salmon rolls look very nice and are extremely easy to make.  A real show piece and if you are like me and always have avocado (I love avocado!!) and cucumber (my kids love cucumber!) at home - smoked salmon also lasts for a few weeks so handy to have at home.

I haven't added any measurements here as it really depends if you are serving them as a canapé with a drink or as a starter. One cucumber, one avocado and 150 grams of salmon makes the amount in the picture!

Cucumber and Salmon Bites (I think they are even fancy looking enough to call them canapés!)

1. Make long slices of cucumber with a peeler (I would turn the cucumber over when you get to the seeded middle)

2. Smoked salmon - cut it into slices as wide as the cucumber

3. Avocado cut into bite size chunks

4. Grate horseradish – if you are grating your own you can mix it with some cream cheese or some dairy free creme fraiche. I had none of the these when I took the picture, hence I didn’t.  Depending on strength I would add between 1/4 to a 1/2 of a tsp of horseradish per roll.

Put cucumber slice, then salmon, lump of avocado at the end of the cucumber/salmon piece add the horseradish. Roll it up – add lots of black pepper and fresh lemon juice.  In they go!!

Love from Johanna

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