This is staple of our household and a very easy lunch with some cheese and ham and a piece of cucumber on top, also good broken in bits on top of some yogurt with a handful of raisins. Basically this is my 'go to' snack when I am hungry, peckish or bored and looking through my cupboards!

Seed crisp bread – (150 degrees celsius) Makes two oven trays worth!

Takes 10 min to make and 1h 20 in the oven - no special equipment.

200 gram sunflower seeds

150 grams pumpkin seeds

50 grams sesame seeds

50 grams chia seeds

2 tbsp coconut flour (or almond)

2 tbsp Psyllium seed husk (health food shop or well stocked supermarket)

1 tsp salt

0.5 litre water

Extra Sea Salt before baking

Mix all dry ingredients well – add the water and then let it sit for a minute. Spread thinly onto parchment paper.  Spread over some Maldon Sea Salt if you like salt like me!

Place in oven for 1h 20 min – I tend to then switch the oven and leave it in the cooling oven over night.

Eat with a myriad of things such as:


Mushed avocado, some olive oil sesame seeds, salt and pepper.

Hardboiled egg and some mayonnaise or if in Sweden some kaviar!

Cheese and Ham and red pepper… the list goes on!

Also very nice to go with drinks - like a casual canapé - and some herbed philadelphia (#philadelphia)

Homemade healthy Nutella... recipe to follow tomorrow.

Love from Johanna