Even if it is true that you can drink too much of it, water is still your best option to stay hydrated and feeling good throughout the day. By removing soft drinks & juices, you can remove a lot of the excess caloric intake that is behind gaining weight.

Bottled water is generally a bad idea for your economy, not to speak of the great waste of resources you create by transporting water around the globe. Vitamin-infused waters are also unnecessary if you have a varied diet.  Furthermore, drinking tap or filtered water where available, can help you reduce your expenses.

Tea can also be good for you even if the consumption should be kept at a reasonable level, i.e. 3-5 cups per day. There are many different forms of tea, not all of them are based on tea leaves but come from herbs, roots or bark. They can have quite different effects, some varieties keeping you awake and some helping you to sleep.

So the next time you feel a thirst coming on, turn to water to quench it!

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