Goals are motivating to us, so I suggest that you set a very reachable savings goal at this point. It can be to save a little every month to create a buffer in your economy or for buying something you really want.

The important part here is to connect money to a goal, so that when you spend it on unnecessary things you feel that it is hindering you from reaching your goal.

If you have a long horizon for your savings, you of course want the money to grow over time. This is actually a must, otherwise you will loose money due to inflation. Therefore putting it in the mattress is a poor choice.

Research shows that one of the most reliable ways to build your wealth over time is to invest in index funds with low fees. An index is a collection of many companies, representing an industry, sector or market.

Low fees (less than 1%) will make it likely that you make more money on your investments than the emitting body, which is definitely not always the case with bank operated funds.
Maybe you can decide on a savings goal and make your first deposit already today?

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