To increase your chances of achieving the change you want, it is very helpful to write a contract with yourself. By writing it down or printing it out and then signing it, you will commit more fully to your goals.

Another way to increase your chances of follow-through, is to tell your family or friends about your goals and how you want to achieve them. Then you will have a deep commitment as you have put some of your reputation at stake. As an added bonus, your family or friends know about your goals and are able to help you along the way.
This is the end of this quick course on habits that can change your life. I hope you take the opportunity to commit to change by either signing a contract with yourself or by telling the world about your ambitions.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed it and please keep an eye out for upcoming courses here. You can also read more in my eBook: Healthy+Wealthy

Best regards,

Kristofer AdsegÄrd