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Beginner mistakes when getting strong and fit

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23fe0227705b5116c39d45814a122f0720ba1ba9 Tobias Sjösten


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January 15, 2016

The reasons for wanting to get strong and fit are many. Some people want to excel in their sport, some want to lead healthier and more active lives, and yet others simply want to look better naked.

Whatever your reason is, you're bound to make mistakes along the way.

It's so sad and frustrating to see people put in such effort, day after day, trying to reach their goals – only to fail because they lack the right tools. I don't want you be one of them!

That's why I created this crash course. There's no reason you should repeat all the mistakes that I and hundreds of thousands before me already have.

Join today (100% free): get one short lesson per day and learn how to become stronger and more fit over the next two weeks.

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