What's easier – staying on the sofa, researching which protein powder has the best amino acid profile, or going to the gym and lifting some weights? Then guess which will give you the best results.

We are all genetically programmed to waste as little energy as possible. (E.g. you're lazy by nature.)

Given two choices that both feel like they take us closer to our goal, we'll naturally pick the easiest.

That's why the supplements industry is such a huge business – they offer you the possibility to just shell out $10 for some pre-workout drink and you'll feel like you're making progress.

Getting strong and fit isn't easy, but it's damn simple!

The ones who try to make it complicated are often the ones who also try to sell you a shortcut. But there really are none – you simply have to put in the work if you want the result.


Think of your training as building a house.

First you lay the foundation – actually going to the gym and doing the training. Without this there won't even be a house.

Then you erect the walls – your diet. Eat plenty of nourishing food and cut down on the junk food and soda.

Finally you put a roof on top of it all – this is your other recovery. Getting enough sleep, taking days off, etc.

Then, and only then, can you start thinking about decorating your house. You wouldn't want to buy an expensive painting when there's no walls to hang it on or when rain's pouring down inside because there's no roof?

// Tobias of Athlegan.com