Are you lifting the same weights today as you were a year ago? Running the same distances, managing the same number of max reps?

I know many people who are and I can't for the life of me understand how they can motivate themselves to keep training, when they don't progress in any way.

It's easy to get stuck though.

Over time your training will come to feel easier. Pull-ups are no longer a problem, you can do all the workouts as prescribed, and you squat your previous 1RM for reps.

That's awesome! But it also means you are no longer pushing yourself as hard as you used to, which in turn means you will stop making the same kind of progress as you did, leading up to now.


Progress doesn't just accidentally happen. You need to deliberately keep increasing your weight, distance and intensity.

The easiest way for strength training is through linear progression – where you add X kilos every Y session. All beginner programs build on this principle.

One example is the Starting Strength program. You do three sets of five reps with your prescribed weight. If you manage that then you add 2.5 kg for next time, else you stay at the same weight for another attempt next time.

Once you get stuck for too long at the same weight you reset by removing 10% of the weight and then increase from there.

Using this regime you can build up to some truly impressive weights!

// Tobias of Athlegan.com