Do your mental homework to accelerate your blogging success.

I began my blogging career fearing I’d lose money. I feared failure. I blogged from a space of lack, limitation and downright terror at times. Because I vibed low, I waited 6 years before creating my own product or sold my own eBooks. I struggled mightily for years and even when I was making nice coin through freelance writing I had to bust my tail to make ends meet.

Not good.

If I had faced, embraced and released my terror of losing everything, I would have created products and eBooks 1-2 years into my blogging career, cutting my learning curve by years and boosting my passive income early during my blogging career. I would also have gained more credibility by offering a rich library of products and eBooks.

Oh well.

How could I have avoided some really lean years?

By realizing that blogging is an energy game.

The thoughts you think and the feelings you choose determine the actions you take.

The actions you take determine the results you get.

Your being - as opposed to your doings - dictates your level of blogging success.

Engaging in daily personal development dictates your being, or your vibe, which leads you to think, feel and act in a certain way.

Actionable Tips: Spend 30 minutes daily working on your mindset. Consider: meditation, EFT tapping, taking an icy cold shower to raise your vibe (speak to your doctor first) and daily exercise. Do what vibes with you. Maybe you prefer to follow a prayer ritual. Or perhaps you’re into doing affirmations to work on your mindset. Whatever route you take, you can’t skip this step or else you’ll risk being completely blind to the prior practical steps in this course.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my blogging course.

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