It’s time for due diligence.

You may possess a wealth of knowledge about your niche because you enjoy learning about it, but you still need to keep current. Follow leaders in your niche. Read their blog posts. Invest in their courses and eBooks.

I am a blogging tips blogger with many years of experience in my niche. I still learn from blogging pros like Darren Rowse and Zac Johnson every single day, because in order to be a blogging leader I need to be a reader first.

Coaches hire coaches for help. Leaders follow other leaders to stay up to date on the latest trends or advancements in their niche.

Pick 5 successful individuals from your niche. Follow their blogs. Read every word of each post. Take notes on their posts. Study these notes. Become well-versed in your niche to establish your credibility. Your audience will grow to know, like and trust you based on the accuracy of your blog posts.

Passion can only take you so far. Doing research and linking to successful bloggers can inspire your audience to trust you more quickly than if you just referred to yourself and your experiences throughout your blog posts.

Consider using Feedly.com to keep track of the 5 blogs you decide to follow. Keep current without having to check bookmarks every few days. Load your Feedly Reader to get the latest updates from your favorite bloggers.

Task: Learn one new thing every day about your blogging niche. Share this lesson with your audience through social media to establish your credibility.