Make a name for yourself by making an impact and focusing on quality over quantity.

The simple (but not necessarily easy) way to do this is by publishing thorough, helpful, resource-style blog post weekly. Aim for a word count between 1,500 and 3,000 words to appease Google. Create practical posts geared toward solving your reader’s problems. Also weave personal stories into posts. Add your genuine take to stand out in your niche.

Optimize your posts for SEO. Use a plugin like Yoast to get your SEO game in order.

Craft double figure titles based on tips or steps like, “11 tips” or “12 steps”, as these titles both create order in reader’s minds and promise a smorgasbord of tips readers are eager to sink their teeth into.

Avoid writing blog posts of 600 words or less. Short, brief posts rarely make an impact achieved by a thorough, well-researched, authentic blog post. Focus on writing a resource versus just publishing a blog post to fill your blogging schedule.

I struggled like mad while publishing 500 to 700 word blog posts daily. When I published a 1,500 word or longer, SEO-optimized post, I increased my blog traffic and also reached page 1 of Google for hyper competitive key phrases like: “how to reach page 1 of Google” and “how to submit a guest post.” I ranked next to some of the most popular blogs on the internet by using the most powerful weapon in a blogger’s arsenal: writing a pillar-style posts that catches Google’s attention.

Task: Don’t publish a blog post unless you reach the 1,000 word level. Go long or go home, even if this means publishing 1 post every 2 weeks and reducing posting frequency. Quality and depth wins in the blogging game.