What can you talk about all day long? Blog about that topic.

Pursuing your blogging passion will make you shine brightly. Like a lighthouse sitting in a stormy harbor at midnight, you will stand out brilliantly from your niche since the majority of bloggers do it primarily for money.

Pick the one passion you most enjoy discussing about. Build your blog around that topic.

I feel passionate about blogging. I love writing blog posts, creating videos, recording podcasts and building online courses to help aspiring bloggers.

I decided to create Blogging From Paradise to help bloggers, but I also added a twist to my blog; I worked my love of travel into my brand.

I built Blogging From Paradise for people who wanted to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. I add pictures of myself visiting tropical paradises like Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Costa Rica into each blog post.

Readers say they can feel my passionate energy bleeding through my blog and brand.

Your passion will fuel both your profits and popularity. Avoid chasing profitable niches because the steady money lies not in a hot niche but in your desire fire.

Task: What do you feel most passionate about in life? Are you blogging on this topic?