I know there’s a lot of advice out there asking you to start any endeavor with “why”. But that’s because knowing the underlying motivation behind everything you do will help you stick with it longer, even when the going gets tough.

Why are you blogging?

Tie this reason into following your fun.

Tie this reason into freeing yourself.

By choosing the proper intent, you will fuel your blogging journey through ups, downs and all the potentially stressful situations that might arise in between.

Don’t choose money or fame drivers as your main reasons. Avoid blogging to reach certain metrics. Your readers don’t care if you attain specific traffic or social media share goals. They want you to solve their problems.

Help your readers effectively by knowing specifically why you’re blogging. Taking this critical step will distance you from the blogging herd because you’ll do the freeing, sometimes uncomfortable things that you should do to build a successful blog.

I blog to free myself and to have fun. Even though I monetize my blog and have turned my online real estate into a full time venture, I predominantly blog to free myself and to free my audience of their most pressing blogging problems.

Write down your blogging reason “why” on a piece of paper. Fold the paper. Place it in your pocket. This is your blogging compass. When you face blogging-related obstacles refer to your “why” paper. Who knew that a tiny little piece of paper could carry you through blogging peaks and valleys?

Your task:

Why are you *really* blogging? Honestly assess if you’re blogging predominantly to get paid or if you want to genuinely follow your passion, to free yourself and to free your readers of specific problems.