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Break-ups: 12 Ways to Surviving and Thriving

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April 14, 2016

A real life guide to getting through and past your breakup!

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is you’ve recently gone, are going through or sense a breakup is imminent with your significant other. And, you’re experiencing a range of emotions from hurt to fear to anger to wondering if you’re crazy and all else in between. 

Not to mention you’re feeling alone, embarrassed and know watching Dr. Phil won’t help you long-term. 

You need comfort, understanding and actionable advice that works for you on your terms and timeline, since breakups are personal and how we handle and get through them is different for each of us. 

That’s where The Boyfriend Cleanz Daily Bit comes in. It will help you identify, get through and beyond your breakup and hurt with just the right blend of pathos, actionable advice and humor. Yes, humor cause it’s true when they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’. 

We’ll do all this via The Boyfriend Cleanz Break-Over: A three-stage process with just enough bits to help you Detox.Reboot.Rejoice. And I mean ‘bits’ cause the last thing you need as you go through your breakover is a long and de-personalized how-to guide. The end result: helping you regain your sense of self and sass ON YOUR TERMS AND TIMELINE-which is why it’s 12 Ways NOT 21 Days. I know I've been there done this and I'm hopeful my journey and what I've learned with help ease your way and expedite your finding a happier ever after be it alone or someone else!

First up, we’ll start with Warning Signs to help you identify if you’re ‘imagining’ that your relationship is in trouble or not, which most likely you’re not.But it’s good to go through this exploration now with your eyes and ears a ‘bit’ more open. And, please note: there are a few ‘longer’ bits cause we don’t want to rush through determining if your relationship is finito, salvageable nor into a new one without asking yourself key questions to help insure your with or find Mr. or Ms. Right Enough-more on that in a 'bit'! 

So let’s begin! Sign up for the course, and you’ll get it straight into your inbox. 



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