Okay, now that we're at day 7, the last day of this course, it's time to try the 4 minute meditation on QuietKit!

So what I want you do right now is hop on over to QuietKit, select the 4 minute meditation, and once you're done, come back here.


Okay, did you do the 4 minute meditation?

Hope it went well, and remember, you can always do the 2 minute one until you feel comfortable to move to the 4 minute version :)

I hope that you're well on your way to making meditation a daily habit, and you can always refer to the earlier lessons from this course, or to QuietKit itself, for more help and insights.

But now I need your help with something.

I need your help to change the world.

No pressure, right? ;)

So this might sound a little silly at first, but remember when I said earlier that one of the main benefits of meditation was mindfulness, basically your ability to have better control over how you respond to things in life, as opposed to reacting without thinking?

Well, one of the big side effects of that is, as you become more thoughtful in your interactions with others, you can help reduce other people's stress, because you're not adding to their already large pile of bad experiences that day.

So what happens when everyone in an office, or a classroom, or any large group or institution, practices meditation?

The high majority of all of the interactions between those people become much better, decreasing people's stress and making their lives much better.

Think of all the problems caused by people carrying their bad moods forward to someone new, and think of how many of those interactions become different when people are more mindful.

If you can get everyone who spends the majority of their day together, such as everyone in an office or classroom, to meditate, think how much better that place becomes.

Right now about 8% of the people in America meditate. Let's get that to 80%.

There are three things you can do to help:

  1. Keep meditating. It's very much a skill that increases in value over time, so work on making it into a daily habit.

  2. Share this course, and QuietKit, with others. Email folks who might be interested, share on social media and the web. This course and QuietKit will remain free to everyone in the world, but I need your help in spreading the word.

  3. Become an evangelist for meditation within your organization. Try to encourage others to take a serious look at meditation, not only for their own personal gain, but also to improve where you work and learn.

And if you need anymore help, or want to give feedback, shoot me an email: [email protected]

Thanks again, and remember, keep meditating! :)

Thank you for taking this course on DailyBitsOf.

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