Looks like you're beginning to really build a solid daily meditation habit; great job! :)

Obviously you were curious enough to sign up for this course, and maybe you had already heard about the multiple ways that meditation can benefit you.

The biggest benefit has to do with reduced stress overall, as well as the ability to better handle stress as it comes up.

There are so few ways to decrease stress in our lives, which is why meditation is such a great habit.

A second benefit is that it will help you increase your ability to focus.

The third major benefit is an increase in mindfulness, which is the ability to be aware of what's happening in any given moment, as well as be aware of the emotions you're experiencing, but then being able to choose how to act, as opposed to letting your emotions overcome you.

While a little hard to understand at first, mindfulness gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility in your day, and has wider reaching ripple effects. For example, you won't lash out at someone later in the day because you're still mad or upset about something that happened earlier.

And because you'll be better able to choose how to act and react, you'll have much better interactions with everyone in your life.

I'll be talking about how this can have a bigger impact, beyond just yourself, in a later lesson.

All of these benefits grow over time, as you practice meditation more days in a row.

And there are a number of other benefits to be gained from meditation, but these three are the biggest.

Next step: do a 2 minute meditation session with the help of QuietKit.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how to turn meditation into a daily habit that'll stick with you.