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Business English

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A4b32cf0aa57cf907c275cc28bd5259deeb2ecb1 Åsa Bengtsson


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5 minutes a day for 10 days

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January 06, 2016

This is  a free course for anyone wanting to:

  • a) get more comfortable with Business English

  • b) use a more formal English and still sound natural

Do you feel tongue-tied when you have to pick up the phone to an English speaking business partner?

Do you feel you don't get your point across very well during a business meeting in an international environment?

Do you want to learn how to express yourself with the right assertiveness, diplomacy and hit the right tone when speaking to a customer, supplier or colleague in the global arena?

This course won't make you a fully fledged word twister or as formal as a tea party at Buckingham Palace, but it will give you a hint about what formal language is all about, some tips on phrases to use and what to avoid.

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