We have now gone through a great deal of tips. 

• How to be formal, but not overly stiff or boring
• Business letter etiquette
• Keep things short and simple
• How to keep your language natural
• How to get your point across when disagreeing with someone
• How to get your How to keep your tone professional

There are plenty of things you can choose to do after this short espresso-style course. Take each tip and put it into action in your correspondence or communication with international business contacts. Delve deeper into one of the headings you find particularly hard to get to grips with and focus on that one area for now. 

My firm Great Little Britain helps professionals to improve their English and we would be more than happy to help you. Either via written assignments, SKYPE sessions and telephone conversations, or we'll get together face to face for a more hands on approach. We tailor each course to fit your needs and ensure you can incorporate the most useful phrases and jargon for your specific business segment.

We also translate websites, marketing material, quotes and contracts, whenever your business needs to expand in a global sense. 

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