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Today's lesson comes from our course on motivation created by our co-founder Niklas Laninge, a psychologist who love everything that has to do with learning.

One of the most common questions I get asked as a psychologist is: “how can I become more motivated to do something?”. What those who ask me this question have in common is that they rarely have a clear picture of what they want to be more motivated about. Here are some examples of questions and statements I’ve heard:  

  • I want to work out but have little motivation - why?

  • My coworkers aren’t motivated, how can I make them more motivated?

  • I hate administrative work, it has to be a problem with my motivation.

Vague goals, as we know, lead to vague results. You can solve the problem by creating so called SMART goals. You may have heard about them before, but they’re really effective! SMART stands for:

  • Specific - the goal should be clear

  • Measurable - the goal should be quantifiable

  • Achievable - by the person who’s to achieve the goal

  • Relevant - it should be relevant for the person going after the goal

  • Time-bound - specify when the goal should be achieved  

Try it out for yourself
We’ll kick off the course with a super basic, but important, exercise. Take a few minutes to think about what you really need to get more motivated about. Is it specific work assignments? Household chores? Or is it more about making someone else more motivated? No matter what, the first step should always be to formulate a SMART goal.

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