We’ve talked about research, creativity, persuasion and problems. And now it’s almost time to start writing. But first, here are nine writing tips that will make your copy easy to read. We’ll start with three today then three more on each of the days after.

1. Use simple language. If you get too complicated or stuffy, the reader will move on. Just write so that people understand – and that will boost your chances of getting read.

2. Keep it short (but not too short). Adjust the length of your text to suit your reader. Does the reader know a lot about the subject? If they do, you won’t need to tell them things they already know. Is the reader in a hurry? Then get to the point. But don’t make it too short – write what you need to say. Then add a full stop.

3. Let it flow. Just being grammatically correct doesn’t necessarily make your copy easy to read. You need to put some tempo, rhythm and feeling into it. So read your text out loud. Where do you hesitate or stumble? Re-write and then read your copy again – now it’s in the groove.

All tips and insights are from the book Sälj det med ord (Sell it with words) written by Mattias Åkerberg