It’s time to start writing … finally! But how? When that big, white screen is just sitting there, taunting you with its emptiness. One consolation: It’s the same for everyone who writes. A tip for getting started is this … start writing and then just keep on writing and writing. It may sound a little too simple and obvious but it really is the best way to get over that first (and biggest) hurdle. Suddenly you’ve taken the plunge and the screen isn’t a pure white void anymore. And you don’t have to start at the beginning – write the ending if you want. Or the middle. Or just a sentence that you want to include. It doesn’t matter; the important thing is you’re on your way.

• Do: Sit down and write. If you want to listen to music at the same time try out my Spotify playlist “Sånger att skriva till – limited edition” (Songs for writing). You can find the playlist at www.korta.nu/sdmo