Content is King

Why should business owners and websites managers concern themselves with quality content? Put simply: because it could be the difference between success and failure for your brand.

Improved SEO Rankings

Content is vital for SEO strategies. The right length, internal links, and natural keywords can help your website rank for relevant searches. It’s not about quality over quantity, it’s about finding the right balance between the two. According to Backlinko.com, the average Google first page result contains around 1,890 words. Incorporating thousands of words on a single page gives you the opportunity to attack LSI key phrases and implement in-page anchor links that will help your users navigate the content, like a table of contents.

For example, consider this lengthy guide on acne treatment from skin care company BioClarity. Users can find the information they need with the click of a button instead of sifting through thousands of words to access the content they’re seeking. Remember that the modern consumer expects information fast, and will move on from a site that doesn’t quickly and easily provide the content they are seeking.

User Engagement Promotes New Leads

Great content is enticing and shareable, and will encourage your users to engage with your brand and product, whether that be through social media shares, comments, or reviews. An example of this type of marketing is used by Guava Family, who gives their consumers a platform to share their own tips and stories, through guest articles on their site. Check out an example of this campaign here.

This sort of consumer engagement based on real mother’s and their experiences is far more powerful then a nameless review on the company homepage because it is a real experience that all other parents with small children can resonate with. This engagement can encourage consumer loyalty and retention, and provide you the perfect route for generating new leads. High-quality content helps build authority in a competitive market, which can afford your company expanded exposure and provide access to a wider demographic.

Adding Value to Your Offerings

If consumers can find your product or service elsewhere, what sets your brand apart? Content. Providing value beyond what you’re selling can help consumers learn or solve a problem. This educational aspect is invaluable to the searching customer, and great content could be the tipping point between the purchase of your product over a similar product from a competing brand. Consider the brand VitaMedica, for example. Being in the wellness space there are a lot of players that provide questionable information. VitaMedica has an excellent wellness blog that adds value without overselling their products. 

Final Thoughts

Taking the time to invest in your brand’s content marketing is an integral component of success; improved SEO rankings, lead generation, user engagement, and added value are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits content can afford your company.