The Fantastic Power of Photos

From finding the right color scheme to trying to figure out what the heck SEO is, building credibility with your online audience can be a challenge.

One easy fix is to stop using cliché stock photos and use actual photos of your products, staff, and company. By documenting real-life moments of you and your team to use online, you will put a more authentic and honest feeling behind your brand.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture quality photos at networking events, happy hours and other business outings. There may even be someone in the office who has a knack for photography and would be willing to snap some photos for a much cheaper rate than that of a pro. Don’t be afraid to ask around!

Company "About" Pages

People love to work with companies that they trust. One of the best ways to build trust is by having a strong about us page with real information. Don't be afraid to put photos of your team! Users love to see the faces of the people they are actually working with. This is especially true in the finance space. I Am Net Worthy, for example, does a great job of showing off their team on their About page. 

Product Websites

Soil company Opus Grows uses action photos of their products being used, or in this case, re-used to inspire readers to recycle. The image gives credibility to the article and the site as a whole.

Another brand that does this well is Arnett Security Credentials. On their product page, they highlight a collage of concert-related memorabilia intermixed with samples of their products. By using an image that looks more like a pic of someone’s personal space as opposed to a generic or staged product pic, they bring life and vibrancy to the brand.

Service Providers

At first thought, it may seem a bit more challenging for brands that don’t sell a physical product to have captivating images. However, this is far from true. If you sell a service, providing images of your team at work can be a powerful testament to your companies work ethic.

Service providers Oracle effectively use imagery of their employees doing charitable work for example. If there is not a product to focus on, highlight consumers and employees to bring a personalized touch to your company’s website.

In Conclusion

Optimize your website’s visual authenticity by using photos unique to your company. Instead of searching for generic images on stock photo websites, take your camera out during exciting company moments and snap a pic to put on the company blog. To sum it all up, using real-life photos will make your company seem more trustworthy and more credible.