Email marketing has been a core technique in the digital landscape and will continue to be as the marketplace develops. Over 90 percent of businesses use it as a cost-efficient way to showcase news and provide one on one communication. For each dollar spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.

One of the key factors that makes email marketing advantageous is the fact it has a larger reach than other digital techniques. For example, Facebook is somewhat limiting in the number of users that can see certain posts. This results in increased spending to reach your audience. Email marketing typically reaches 90% of desired recipient inboxes, whereas only 2% of Facebook fans see the posts on their news feed. This is due to Facebook limiting the number of times a post can appear in an effort to drive brands toward paid advertising options.

So how do you get users to subscribe to your email list? One way is to offer incentives. Take a company like Colorescience for example. At the bottom of their website, they utilize a strong CTA (call to action) and offer promotions and discounts as an incentive for their readers to sign up. Given that each dollar spent returns $38 in revenue, offering a 10% discount to first-time subscribers could generate huge benefits to your company or organization.

Another great way to get users into your email funnel is through email interstitials that fire as the user scrolls to click out of the page. Hubspot has a free tool for this!  

Once users have subscribed to your list, one of the next biggest goals for marketers is to drive user conversation. Email marketing is an extremely useful way to accomplish this task. The end goal of marketing is to turn leads into paying customers. On average, the click-through rate of an email campaign is around 3%, whereas the click-through rate from a tweet is around .05%, making you six times more likely to gain a lead through email marketing. Another huge advantage is that email is highly measurable. Brands are able to monitor data such as open rate, forwards, clicks, bounces, and shares making it simple to see what works and what doesn’t.

Social media is viewed as less of a marketing machine by users making email the preferred channel to deliver promotional content. 72% of users prefer email for receiving advertising efforts whereas 17% prefer social media. Overall, email marketing is viewed as the more professional medium to deliver promotional information about products or services.

Email collection is also a very important aspect of any email campaign. From pre-website email captures to funny 404 pages like that of Email Center UK be sure that every aspect of your site is ready to accept leads.