By now, you know your position and who you're talking to. But what's your message? Creating a Main story can help keeping your communication on the right track. Based on the foundation of this underlying narrative you will soon be able to create valuable content forever. Ish.

The Main story strengthens and lifts the essence of your brand. Embodies your identity. The Main story needs to be relevant  and able to carry various forms of content of value to your readers. It shall be specific, to the point, and not longer than a couple of sentences. It could answer where you're from, why you do it – what your motives are. When making the audit perhaps you came across som visionary document filled with clichées from a competitor? Don't laugh! It's really hard to write, it's a challenge to find the right Main story.

Phrasing a main story is preferably a group action. Fill the whiteboards with ideas, rank them and let them rest for a couple of days.

Does the main story we've phrased help us move towards our desired position in the media landscape? If yes, good! If not, keep fine-tuning. One can say that the main story is the parent of all your stories to come. It will set the frame for your communication concepts and all the content you will have to offer: movies, images, words and sound.

/Julia and Emil at Matter