Okay. Now we know who we are (Audit), where we're coming from and who we're communicating with (Reader Analysis). But the stories we want to offer our readers do not emerge from nothing.  They relate to everything else presented in the total media landscape. So, we need to find an attractive position for our communication. So that we can reach the people we want to talk to. 

To get an overview it is good to start sketching a coordinate system. What values are relevant for you to take into consideration, in order to meet business strategies and insights on what your target groups want? Set up appropriate, opposing parameters as extremes on gliding scales.

Scientifically correct or comedy? Practical advice or visions of the future? Popular or exclusive?

Then place everything competing for the attention of your target group into your system. Where are your industry competitors? What stories do they tell? Are there magazines, TV, bloggers or companies in other industries in this game?

Having the map laid out it's time to put your pin on the board. Find an amazing and available spot, focus and start making epic stuff!

/Julia and Emil at Matter