Let's collect our impressions and gather our thoughts. Really take a break and ask ourselves: what is the point of all this? The answers you got from the audit, the work with position, reader analysis, channel selections and the KPI framework, they all create a foundation for your Strategic Starting Points. 

During this process you and the team will – perhaps on different and unexpected occasions – have come across flashes of genius. From hidden spaces in your collective brain valuable insights and ideas will have appeared. Insights and ideas which highlights what we do and why we should do it. We need to catch these key sentences and put them in writing. This process is a mix of sense, sensibility and hard work. 

The Strategic Starting Points is the sign showing where you should head and why. It forms the theme that will permeate everything from now on. The foundation for the mechanics and the flow – that will create change. 

A fictional example. Let's say you sell cat gear, but you want to sell more cat gear. Perhaps this is the flow you see: 

1. I make my customers into readers whom I am in direct contact with
2. I give them fantastic content and an inspiring conversation about cats
3. So that they in turn would like to invite all their cat loving friends
4. These new readers become customers as well
5. Repeat

What do your Strategic Starting Points look like?

/Julia and Emil at Matter