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May 18, 2015

Since so much of our work related communication is done through emailing today, this vital tool can be the spine of good personal structure if properly used, but can also be the tuft that overturns an already heavy load if not used correctly.

There are no central and internationally established guidelines for how to properly email, but hasn’t some form of code of conduct developed over time?

Throughout this course I will identify some of the least common denominators in terms of how we email. The ambition is for these rules of thumb to ensure that the communication between us runs smoother and that our everyday lives filled with emails becomes at least a little bit easier.

I, who have created this course, am David Stiernholm and I am a struktör, which means that I on a daily basis help people, companies and organizations become more effective by creating better structure and becoming more organized. My services include talks, courses and individual sessions.

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