It is much easier to process many shorter emails than a few lengthy ones, since you can delete the former soon after reading them, while the latter tends to remain in your inbox due to there being ”one more thing I have to do before I can remove it”. A true leaven, if there ever was one.

Have a look in your own inbox and see if you can identify any leavens which have been left behind for much too long and stagnated. Perhaps it is time to ask the sender to get back to you concerning the matter you have postponed dealing with in a separate email?

And with that short email, the online emailing course has come to a close! In seven days you have received seven rules. My name is David Stiernholm and I am a struktör. If you want more tips on structure - visit my website and sign up to receive my weekly newsletter (which more than 6000 others already have).

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Thank you for taking this short course!

David Stiernholm