Method #8 - Say “Yes” By Saying “No”

Did you enjoy your time-out yesterday? Be honest, if you didn’t schedule that time, would it have happened? We like to be helpful and please others, but this comes at an expense of our own time. It’s easy to quickly say, “yes”, and before you know it, each evening is booked and there is no time for you. 

 Of course, you don’t aim to fill every available minute and create a stressful schedule, but, saying “no” to people we care about and work alongside is hard! Having a “Yes” Checklist makes the decision easier to analyze.

Here are some things to ask yourself the next time you’re confronted with an ask:

Is this completely necessary?

  • Does this have to happen NOW?

  • Am I the only one who can do this?

  • Does this add value to my life?

Learning to say no is a skill, and with practice, it becomes easier to quickly determine what gets a “yes”.

Today’s Task

When someone asks you for a favor or commitment of your time, do not respond immediately. Tell them you need to check your calendar and will get back with them, even if it’s only 5 minutes later. If the request doesn’t meet your criteria, say “no” guilt free.

Be Well, 

Samantha Kellgren 


P.S. Saying “no” doesn’t come easy! For a more details on how to determine what deserves a “yes” and how to say “no” confidently and politely, click here!